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Sustainability in every detail and as a whole

At ROC Properties, we strive to achieve the highest possible level of sustainability in the various choices and investments we make. With long-term ownership and high quality as criteria for our business, we have a clear focus on economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

We know that the construction and real estate sector accounts for a relatively high level of domestic greenhouse gas emissions calculated throughout a building’s life cycle from construction, throughout its use, to demolition. But it’s also an industry where we work with a variety of measures to reduce our current and future load – everything from climate-smart production to energy efficiency in all areas. For ROC Properties, it goes without saying that we strive to reduce our climate footprint wherever we see an opportunity.

One example from our operations is Åhlén's logistics center in Rosersberg, which is certified according to the international environmental certification system BREEAM - a system that helps us as property owners to drive sustainable improvements. Furthermore, both properties have solar panels and LED lighting, which significantly reduces energy consumption. Presence-controlled lighting and increased robotisation also reduce the need for lighting. We even have a “green” appendix attached to the lease agreement to ensure that the landlord and tenant work together to encourage information and training in relation to environmental work.

As with all businesses, it’s important to continuously improve and change both at the component level and as a whole in order to optimise sustainability efforts. We do this at ROC Properties.

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Åhléns logistics centre in Rosersberg have FTX ventilation, which results in lower energy costs and a better indoor climate.